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Children's books can be valuable if they are the right edition in the right condition. Discover 10 books that command high prices.
The British Library's Crime Classics series reprints detective novels and stories that were first published during the golden age of crime writing.
From Agatha Christie to Tana French and Louise Penny, our list celebrates writers of thrillers, suspense, crime novels, and detective fiction.
From Prince Harry's memoir to Michael Connelly's latest novel, explore our recommended new books and discover literature that has everyone talking.
Amina Luqman-Dawson, author of Freewater, has won the 2023 Newbery Medal for excellence in American children's literature. Learn more about Amina's historical novel and see all the past winners since 1922. The list includes Kate DiCamillo, Beverly Cleary, and Lois Lowry.
June 02, 2021
Fill your bookshelves with used books, the latest bestsellers, collectible books and forgotten out-of-print titles from years gone by.
October 11, 2022
Giving used books new life is what we do best. The choice of used books is massive - from classic novels to children's books, and so much more.
June 09, 2021
Each month, select sellers offer their items for sale on AbeBooks at huge discounts, making it easy to buy books, art and collectibles online.
June 11, 2021
Trusted independent sellers offer for sale curated rare books, first editions and collectible signed copies of your favorite book.
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AbeBooks regularly publishes fascinating features about a huge variety of bookish subjects, publishers, and interesting characters in literature and notable anniversaries.
July 28, 2021
It can be safely said that Jane Austen is one of the best-loved English authors of all time. Born December 16, 1775, Austen made a mark on the literary world with her romantic fiction set among the landed gentry in England.
3 Min Read
By Chao Wang
June 03, 2021
"Corpse." It's not the sweetest word in the dictionary but it is very functional. The word describes quite clearly that the living thing is no more. A human being is no longer human but a corpse. Corpse and cadaver have the same meaning but corpse is the more descriptive term. Stiff, cold, very dead.
1 Min Read
June 03, 2021
At least 15,000 books have been written about Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States. If you wish to learn about the man then you are not going to be restricted by choice. (AbeBooks alone has more than 67,000 copies of books with ‘Abraham Lincoln’ in the title).
1 Min Read
June 21, 2021
No matter what you call it, the genre isn't easily pigeon-holed into clear-cut categories, making compiling a list of 50 must-read graphic novels a daunting task.
2 Min Read
July 27, 2021
This selection of top books about leadership was carefully chosen from bestseller lists, Forbes, and even from the recommendations of Bill Gates and Barack Obama.
1 Min Read
July 27, 2021
The mythical, the magical, and the magnificent! Fairy tales are some of our earliest stories and for centuries, children and adults alike have pored over the tales of princes and princesses, beasts and fairies.
1 Min Read
澳洲幸运五开奖记录查询 最新开奖历史记录 The 10 best sports books ever written
July 27, 2021
From the 1936 Olympics in Berlin to the football fields of Odessa, Texas to the summit of Mt. Everest, here are 10 incredible stories detailing the greatest sports moments in history.
1 Min Read
June 03, 2021
For this particular list of the best epic books, we considered books of all genres. We didn't fuss too much over the physical length of the book or the time span, but we did seriously consider the weight of the story itself.
1 Min Read
By Beth Carswell
August 17, 2021
What is it that makes a book so captivating that we shirk obligations, risk papercuts, and forget basic necessities like food and water while lost in its pages?
3 Min Read
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